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white spiral

I'm baaaaaack...!

I was given an unlimited supply of spoons 3 years ago, when I was blessed to have an outstanding gynecologist. He performed my second lap and removed all of my endo. All of it. Even though I had been on treatment for the three or four years before that, my endo had still managed to go from stage 1 to a late stage 2.

Over the past few weeks I have noticed twinges, pains, discomfort... symptoms that I know all too well, symptoms that I have tried to imagine would disappear. This is unfortunately not the case, and today I admitted to myself that I am certain that my endo is coming back.

My life has literally flipped upside down in the last few months. My three and a half year relationship and engagement ended, and I am now trying to reconnect with parts of me that... well, made me - me. My research, my writing, my angst, my activism, it has all sort of dissolved over the past few years. I want to get it back.

I am still trying to figure out how to fit in this complex social networking world. There are so many applications and programs now, it's unbelievable. There are so many ways we can connect with other people.

I have missed livejournal. I have missed the endometriosis community.

I needed to stop all of that because I needed to enjoy being pain-free. I had other complicated problems, but I realize how fortunate I was to have those few years. But I miss it. I want it back. I need it.

Not sure how I'll go about this. We'll have to see. It may be a week before I do another post, or it could be as long as a month. I'm back in university getting my second bachelor's degree, in secondary education, with a specialization in history, physical geography and environmental studies. I practice my second language every day with my roommate. I go to the gym. I'm a busy girl. But... this is at least a start.


Welcome back, Kasi. I am so sorry to hear about your breakup. Welcome back though.
Oh wow! I wasn't sure who was still using LJ, so wow, that was a great surprise!

It's ok. It's life. Sometimes it just doesn't work out the way we wanted it to.

Sending you love.
omg, i am so happy to see you!!

lots to catch up on.

hi, sweetie :)

it's good to see you too! i look forward to the catching up!

Wow, lots of big changes my dear. Sending you <3.
white spiral

April 2011

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